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3 Ways OPCs Help Combat Arthritis Pain & Inflammation

3 Ways OPCs Help Combat Arthritis Pain & Inflammation

Hyaluronic acid is the "glue" in our connective tissue that allows for smooth and unhindered motion of our joints.  When hyaluronic acid is dissolved, our joints capacity for motion dissolves.  When we move our joints and we don't have the hyaluronic acid present for support, it causes strain and inflammation.  This is a simple explanation for the onset of rheumatism.  

While no one knows the exact cause of rheumatism, we do know it begins with inflammation of the synovial fluid, which is a fluid that helps reduce friction between our joints during movement.  The result of this inflammation is rheumatoid arthritis, an ailment that bothers and disables millions of people.  

Rheumatic disease interferes with the daily activities of millions of people and is one of the major causes of chronic disability.  

Rheumatism ranges from morning stiffness to complete loss of function, immobilization and even sometimes deformity of the joint.  The onset of the inflammation causes the joints to become swollen and painful.  The medical community tells us there is no cure for arthritis.  The only thing that can be done is managing the pain with anti-inflammatory medications and even sometimes gentle exercise.  

Rheumatoid arthritis is officially classified as a collagen disease that affects and can sometimes destroy the joints.  

The fact that arthritis is a collagen disease brings it under the influence of OPCs.  

The synovial fluid in our joints helps make movement possible.  Most of our freely moving joints are synovial joints, meaning they are surrounded by an articular capsule enclosing a space that is lined by the synovial membrane.  The synovial membrane is what holds hyaluronic acid, which is the fluid that helps lubricate our joints.  

Here comes your connection to OPCs - free radicals.  

When free radicals are present in excess, they have been shown to seep through the synovial membrane's capillary network and degrade hyaluronic acid.  

OPCs capacity to scavenge free radicals helps combat arthritis in 3 ways:

1. OPCs will protect hyaluronic acid against degradation by free radicals

2. OPCs vascular activity can help contribute to the maintenance of the capillary network in the synovial membrane.  

3. OPCs inhibition of the various inflammatory mediators results in less pain and swelling

In summary, OPCs free radical scavenging ability and anti-inflammatory capacities make it a great supplement to help combat arthritis.  Again, this is one of many reasons we packed our OPC formula with not 1 source of OPCs, but SIX! 

Our OPCXtra is packed with 6 powerful plant based sources of OPCs: pine bark extract, red wine extract, grape seed extract, bilberry extract, green tea extract and citrus bioflavonoids.  

Here is what some of our OptiLifer Family has to say about taking OPCXtra for arthritis support: 

"After taking this for two weeks, my arthritis in my hip, hands and neck improved dramatically. I'm very thankful for this product line." - Barbara D. 

"I’ve been enjoying the benefits of OPCXtra and XtraVite for about 5 months. Using two daily scoops of OPCXtra works beautifully in taking away the pain of arthritis in my joints, as well as much improvement with stiffness. I’ll be turning 70 soon and plan on using it for another 20+ years!" - Peggy G. 

"So far, it seems to be working on my aches and pains and my arthritis in my knees. I don’t seem to be in much pain daily as I was before. I’ve even gone to physical therapy and don’t need it right now. I hope it continues to work." - Imelda A. 

"Great taste. I take it every morning with my vitamins. Arthritis pain & swelling non-existent since using OPC." - Jill J. 

"I have been using your product for 12 days I absolutely love how it makes me feel and the pain from my arthritis is so much better I know people think that this is not true that it can’t help that quick but within four days I could tell a big difference in my arthritis." - Sarah I. 


References: "Dr. Jack Masqueliers's Mark on Health" by Bert Schwitters


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