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6 Ways to Better Manage Your Blood Pressure ❤️

6 Ways to Better Manage Your Blood Pressure ❤️

As we get older, we hear a lot about blood pressure and the importance of keeping it low. After all, your blood vessels deliver blood to all of the organs in your body. 

And when those blood vessels become narrower and restrict the blood flow, it can be very dangerous for your body! Worse still, you might feel fine even if you have high blood pressure. (Which has led to hypertension, or high blood pressure, being called “the silent killer.”)

Nearly half of all adults in America suffer from high blood pressure, and the risk increases as you age. (That’s because your vessels become stiffer, making it harder to transport blood as efficiently.)

Fortunately, there are plenty of ways you can take control and work to lower your blood pressure—even without medication!  

Checking your blood pressure regularly is important—ideally, your blood pressure should be less than 120/80 mmHg.  Make sure you talk to your doctor about the appropriate range for your specific situation.

But if you find that yours is higher, simple lifestyle changes can go a long way in naturally lowering your blood pressure.

Try these SIX tips to keep your blood pressure at a healthy level:

1. Lose weight: Being overweight increases your blood pressure. 

2. Cut back on alcohol and/or tobacco: Smoking and drinking alcohol are both linked to higher blood pressure. 

3. Exercise daily: 30 minutes of cardio each day can lower your blood pressure to healthy levels. 

4. Skip the salt: A healthy, balanced diet low on salt supports lower blood pressure levels. 

5. Manage stress: More stress leads to higher blood pressure. Journaling, meditating, and belly breathing to manage your stress can help. 

6. Increase your antioxidant intake: Certain antioxidants—OPCs—have been shown to help lower your blood pressure and support healthy levels. You can get OPCs through grapes, apples, certain berries, and nuts. The most efficient way to get them, however, is through supplements. Read on to find out more about OPCs and how they support healthy blood pressure!


OPCs Help Blood Flow

OPCs have been shown to improve cardiovascular flow. That’s because they increase the output of nitric oxide (a molecule that promotes healthier blood flow by relaxing the blood vessels). 

Research has shown that animals with lower levels of nitric oxide, or NO, have higher risk of hypertension and more heart health issues. But when NO levels are increased, those subjects are able to improve their heart health.

Grape seed extract, pine bark extract, and red wine extract—all OPCs—have been linked to higher nitric oxide output and improved blood flow. 

OPCs and Blood Pressure

In addition to promoting higher NO levels and healthy blood flow, OPCs have also been directly linked to lowering blood pressure and reducing harmful side effects of hypertension. 

In a 2013 study, 93% of subjects who suffered from high blood pressure and were given high doses of OPC supplements ended up with normal levels in just a few months. 

A 2015 meta-analysis of studies confirmed those findings—OPCs consistently lowered blood pressure levels to healthy, normal numbers. 

OPCXtra for Heart Health

Your heart is too important to overlook, and blood pressure is a key component of heart health. That’s why we recommend a multi-step approach to target your blood pressure health: daily lifestyle changes combined with OPCXtra. 

OPCXtra contains six OPCs (grape seed extract, green tea extract, pine bark extract, red wine extract, bilberry extract, and citrus extract bioflavonoids). Those OPCs work together to magnify each other’s effects so you get increased benefits from each. 

To help your body absorb and put it to good use, OPCXtra is isotonic. It also contains other antioxidants, like Vitamin C and Vitamin E. 

Combined with a 365-day money-back guarantee, OPCXtra is the perfect choice for your heart health. Start your journey to healthier blood pressure today! 

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“Love it. I have been taking OPCXtra for over 4 years. I feel it helps my knees, my blood pressure and my cholesterol!” -Donna

“Fantastic product. I've actually been taking OPC's on and off for about 9 years.  I used to get it from Market America, but at over $60, it was just too expensive.  I stopped taking OPC's for that reason. Then around 4-5 years ago I saw OPCxtra on Amazon and decided to give it a try. As it turns out OPCxtra is a better quality product than OPC3; not only that, but it also is over $20 cheaper.  It helps keep my blood pressure and cholesterol down. Also it gives me energy and keeps my mood positive.” -Andrew

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