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8 Tips For Achieving Your 2015 Resolutions

With the first month of 2015 almost in the books, we just wanted to check in with everyone and see how the New Years Resolutions are going.  One way to ensure that you continue your resolution through all of 2015 is to build it into a habit in the early months of the year.  If you have started to lose sight of that resolution you made four short weeks ago, please check out these helpful tips on how to follow through on your New Years Resolution!

#1.  Pick more than one resolution.  Make sure one of them is related to fitness/health.  Picking more than one resolution will allow you to make positive changes in your life in multiple categories.  Its not too late to make adjustments to your resolutions, 2015 is still just getting started!  If you are looking for some direction, we suggest reading our second newsletter titled “The 5 Pillars of Good Health,” and make a resolution to help you improve in each pillar.

#2.  Write your resolutions down.  Write down your resolutions in present tense and put them somewhere you will see them everyday.  This is an easy way to see a reminder of what it is you are trying to accomplish, and will make your resolutions more tangible.

#3.  Read them out loud.  Reading your resolutions out loud when you see them will help to convert them into a habit.  This will force you to actively think of what your resolutions are, and will serve as another reinforcement to the changes you are trying to make.

#4.  Share them.  Don’t keep your resolutions to yourself, share them with friends or relatives.  Ask the people you share your resolution goals with to hold you accountable.  Accountability is key in making these changes!  If you need help in being held accountable, feel free to post your resolutions to our Facebook wall and we will check in with you throughout the year to see how your progress is going.

#5.  Post your resolutions.  Another great way to be reminded of your resolutions is to post them around your house (on your mirror, on your nightstand, on the fridge, put them as the background to your phone, etc.).  Posting your resolutions in places you constantly see will also help to keep them present in your thoughts throughout the day, and will help you to make decisions with your resolutions in mind.

#6.  Create milestones.  Use milestone markers to check in on yourself.  Set goals and evaluate how you did compared to the goals you set.  By checking in on your goals weekly or monthly, you can help to hold yourself accountable.

#7.  Small rewards.  If you reach your goals or milestones reinforce this accomplishment by giving yourself a small reward.  Rewards will help to make your resolutions a habit.

#8.  Have fun with it!  Remember, these are your resolutions and your decisions, so have fun and enjoy the process of accomplishing your goals!


I hope these tips will help you to follow through on your resolutions this year!  To receive email updates of our blog and signup for our weekly newsletter please click here.  These tips were adapted from’s article “How to Follow Through on Your New Year’s Resolution.”


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