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Chronic Pain Meets Its Match In OPCs 💪🏼

Chronic Pain Meets Its Match In OPCs 💪🏼

What happens if you watch someone else get hurt? You flinch, you feel your stomach drop, you reach out to comfort them— you might even experience sympathy pains! 

We don’t want to see other people in pain. We’re wired to want to take that pain away. Even small children get upset when they see someone in pain. 

Yet, far too many of us are living with chronic pain and being told there’s nothing that can be done about it.

Some doctors ignore complaints about pain, tell patients they’ll just have to live with it, or mindlessly write a prescription for a lifetime of addictive pain killers. 

As many as 40% of American adults suffer from chronic pain— caused by a wide range of ailments (including injuries, cancer, nerve damage, arthritis, fibromyalgia, stress, and more)! It’s an epidemic, and it isn’t being treated. 

Fortunately, there are other solutions (besides just “dealing with it” or being condemned to endless painkillers). And those solutions come right from nature!

What Causes Pain?

We feel pain to protect us...but what exactly causes it? It all boils down to inflammation— your body’s response to infection, illness, or injury. When you get hurt or sick, your body goes into fight mode to battle whatever's causing it. 

Inflammation causes pain, swelling, and redness— the body’s natural response to “defense mode.” But inflammation can go on for too long, leaving us in pain with no way to ease it. 

If left unchecked, inflammation can also cause long-term tissue and organ damage. That means it’s not enough to just mask pain— we need to find a way to actually relieve inflammation. 


OPCs vs Pain and Inflammation

That’s where OPCs come in. Nature’s super antioxidants, OPCs can actually target the inflammation and ease it, removing pain at its source. Studies over the years have confirmed that several OPCs could offset inflammation and provide pain relief.

Here’s a look at what some of the studies show:

  • In a study on osteoarthritis, pine bark extract reduced chronic pain by 45% and joint stiffness by 47%.
  • Green tea extract has been shown to have anti-inflammatory effects by suppressing inflammatory-causing proteins called cytokines. 
  • Grape seed extract showed neuropathic pain relief— it also reversed the heightened tolerance or morphine that comes with repeated use. It could potentially be used in conjunction with morphine to help ease tolerance and reduce addiction. 
  • Bilberry extract has eased inflammation due to liver damage— another potential benefit to damage caused by ongoing prescription drugs. Red wine extract has also shown anti-inflammatory results. 

The science is clear— OPCs offer anti-inflammatory benefits, and could be the key to supporting your body as it fights chronic pain and inflammation.

That’s one of the reasons we combined all of those OPCs— bilberry, red wine, green tea, grape seed, and pine bark into our super antioxidant supplement— OPCXtra

OPCXtra and Pain and Inflammation Support

If you’re suffering from acute or chronic pain, then OPCXtra could be the answer for you. Here is what our OptiHealth Family has to say"

“I have been using this supplement for many years. It has eliminated the pain in my neck due to osteoarthritis that developed as a result of a high school football injury. I think it also helps reduce other arthritic pain I have due to old age.” -Larry

“I am ordering my 3rd bottle of OPCxtra. All my aches and pains are gone. No more swollen hands and fingers since I’ve been taking it. Overall I can’t go without it now."After my first bottle I waited to order my second bottle, just to see if I could tell a difference. Well I couldn’t believe it. I went back to waking up with swollen hands and all my numbness and pain was back . So I ordered my 2nd bottle . I couldn’t get it fast enough. Now I’m ordering my 3rd bottle. I need it every day.” -Roberta

“I’ve been enjoying the benefits of OPCXtra and XtraVite for about 5 months. Using two daily scoops of OPCXtra works beautifully in taking away the pain of arthritis in my joints, as well as much improvement with stiffness. I’ll be turning 70 soon and plan on using it for another 20+ years!” -Peggy

Are you ready to relieve your pain? Try OPCXtra today. We’re backed up by thousands of happy customers, but we’re also backed by our 365-day money-back guarantee. Try it risk-free today and see the science in action for yourself! 


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  • Joseph Beaumier

    I have been on this for a month and half I took about 4 weeks to start feeling better I double dose in the beginning now take one dose in morning and one in afternoon because I feel a let down in the afternoon about 3 pm I need a boost I take at 5 am in the morning I feel energized after taking wake up with little pain so Thursday if this week I had my 2nd covid shot about 7 pm I started feeling lousy pain all over like someone hit with baseball bat already took my second dose at 3 pm so I tried to make it through nite didn’t sleep well when I got had a slight fever boby aches headache took my morning dose I usually feel energize but not today had to take Tylenol to feel better so with covid side effects this product did work I just needed something else so tell people stay on it tell it gets in your body to work love the product and going to buy my 2nd bottle today Thank you optihealth

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