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Everything You Need to Know About Grape Seed Extract 🍇

Everything You Need to Know About Grape Seed Extract 🍇

Wine has been around for eons. Since the biblical times, people transformed wine grapes into a quality tipple.

But did you know wine grapes also have a long history of medicinal use?

People rubbed sap from the vines on their skin to treat rashes and scrapes. They made poultices with grape leaves to stop bleeding or brewed the leaves in tea to relieve stomach issues. And then there are the grape seeds. 

Rich in antioxidants, including phenolic acids, anthocyanins, flavonoids, and proanthocyanidin, grape seed extract has many benefits. Researchers have studied grape seed extract for use in many conditions, from poor circulation to cancer prevention. Here are the top four:

Grape Seed Extract’s 4 Major Benefits 

1. Promotes Healthy Skin & Strong Bones

Grape seed extract’s primary antioxidant source is proanthocyanidins. Studies show that proanthocyanidins stop the breakdown of collagen; this may improve your collagen levels – keeping your skin youthful and smooth – and help build bone strength. (1)

2. Prevents Cardiovascular Disease

Stopping the breakdown of collagen protects blood vessels, including those in the heart, reducing the risk of heart attacks or stroke. It also lowers cholesterol, according to a 2019 study review. Researchers looked at 15 grape seed extract studies and determined grape seed significantly reduced cholesterol levels. (2) 

3. Speeds Up Wound Healing

A 2002 study that applied grape seed extract to wounds on the backs of mice found that the mice healed faster. (3) Those ancient Greeks really were ahead of their time when they included grape vine sap and leaves in their skin treatments.

4. Prevents Photocarcinogenesis

Experts are optimistic that grape seed extract could prevent skin cancer. A 2008 study shows that grape seed extract protects your cells against free radicals and can potentially prevent “photocarcinogenesis”, the process in which UV radiation causes cancer. (4) 

Other possible benefits

  1. Prevents cognitive decline and Alzheimer’s disease
  2. Halts macular degeneration
  3. Reduces inflammation
  4. Stifles allergy symptoms
  5. Acts as a muscle relaxant

Real people using Grape Seed Extract

Our OPCXtra Super Antioxidant includes grape seed extract and red wine extract along with 4 other sources of OPC antioxidants.  Since red wine is made by crushing grapes, seeds and all, it has similar health benefits. 

Many of you have shared how our Super Antioxidant has helped improve your health. Here are a few of your stories:

"The biggest benefit that I believe has been overall health. Diabetes runs in my family on both sides. My dad developed diabetes when he was 49. I've had times when I wasn't taking care of myself when my blood sugar elevated. I'm 66 years old and most of the time my bloodwork is good in most areas. I would recommend this product." – Beth O.

"After taking this for two weeks, my arthritis in my hip, hands and neck improved dramatically. I'm very thankful for this product line." – Barbara D.

"I have been using this product for about 7 to 8 years... l will not be without it. Keeps me healthy and 1st thing in morning gets me going to start the day. I would highly recommend giving it a try." – Lori R.

There you have it. Grape seed extract has many benefits. That’s why it’s used in nutritional supplements, like our Family’s OPCXtra Isotonic OPC Super Antioxidant

Curious about OPCXtra and looking to see how it has helped others like you?  Go ahead and click here to search our reviews.  Looking to try OPCXtra for the first time?  Check out OPCXtra in our shop.


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