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Grape Seed Extract: What you need to know…

Grape Seed Extract: What you need to know…

Grapes have been used in folkloric and homeopathic medicines for many different ailments since ancient times. The disease fighting properties of grapes have been well known even before biochemical knowledge confirmed this notion. Grapes contain many chemical compounds that help the body to maintain good health as well as prevent disease. Let’s learn a little bit about this powerful compound and why it’s one of the main components of Optihealth Product’s OPCXtra.


What is it?

Grape seed extract is produced from the ground up seeds of red wine grapes. Because the skin, seeds, and seed covering is the most nutritionally potent part of plants, it is common for extracts to be derived from these sources. This extract is a concentrated form of the nutrients you can find in a seeded red wine grape. Though you would be able to find most of the same compounds in a glass of red wine, the seed extract has a much greater nutritional density. Antioxidants are the main component and consist of compounds like OPCs, flavonoids, and vitamin E. Red wine grape seeds contain higher antioxidant content than white or blush wine grape seeds.


How can it help?

The antioxidants found in grape seed extract are beneficial against many health issues. The most notable correlations have been between grape seed extract and cardiovascular health and cholesterol, swelling and  circulation and eye health. The presence of Vitamin E is the main contributor to eye health while the other OPC and flavonoid antioxidants can relax blood vessels and lower the level of LDL cholesterol. Other correlations with grape seed extract that have been noted include the prevention of cancer and maintenance of diabetes.


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