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How Long You Should Take OPCs Before You'll Notice A Difference?

How Long You Should Take OPCs Before You'll Notice A Difference?

Something we’ve found interesting over the years is for some, OPCs make an immediate impact in a matter of days, yet others it may take a few months and then almost out of the blue they feel an overwhelming difference.

If you read some of our reviews you will literally see people who’s experienced change in the first 3 days, and others who say they had nothing for 2 months and then suddenly experienced the change they desired.


"On my 2nd. bottle now and feeling very energized. It took me 3/4 of my 1st. bottle before I started to feel the change. Plus I notice I sleep better at night as well. Thanks guys for a real product that really works. I was skeptical at first but am now a believer that your product is the real deal. I recommend it to all my family and friends!" - Wiley B. 

What is always the case, those who quit before giving OPCs a full try are missing out on the potential benefits.  

To fully understand why this is the case when supplementing with OPCs, it’s important to first grasp the concept of free radicals.  

Free radicals steal electrons from our healthy cells and as a result can throw our body out of balance.  Typically our body can handle the ones we naturally produce, it’s when we see an increase from other sources that your body might need some extra help.  

An increase in free radicals in our body can come from a variety of sources, but here are the most common ones: 

  1. Stress
  2. Alcohol 
  3. Poor Diet 
  4. Lack of Sleep 

Too many free radicals can damage our cells over time. 

OPCs (or oligomeric proanthocyanidins) are a group of very powerful antioxidants that fight free radical damage and protect our cells. 

The reason why OPCs can take anywhere from 3-90 days to work really depends on how many free radicals need to be neutralized and balanced in your body. 

For some we are talking about combatting many years worth of build up of free radicals, and it will take a bit of patience to balance, for others it is not nearly as much.

That’s why our Family does two things to help make sure you get the benefit of OPCs your body is seeking.

  1. We’ve offered a 365 Day Empty Bottle Money Back Guarantee since 2001 to ensure you have enough time to actually take OPCXtra and give it a fair try.
  2. We preach consistency is key when it comes to taking OPCXtra.  Those free radicals have been causing havoc for who knows how long, so we have to give our body and the OPCs the time it needs to balance out those electron robbing molecules.  

We recommend following the loading dose instructions on the bottle for at least the first 7-10 days.  Some people continue with the loading dose beyond that, because that’s what their body needs others go to the maintenance dose.  Really it’s going to depend how your body responds.  

 "I was a little skeptical, because I've tried so many different products. But by the second day I had just a little of my pain was 85% gone. I'm able to walk and exercise without discomfort, I am so excited I told all my friends about this product." - Nancy N.

While OPCs are a great solution for anyone fighting free radical damage, the amount and time we need may vary from person to person depending on our own unique situations.  

So what’s our advice for anyone new to OPCXtra?  Give it at least the full 90 days, if not more.  Take OPCXtra consistently and give the OPCs the time they need to balance out the damage that free radicals have caused.  You’ll be pleasantly surprised what patience and consistent effort will do.

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  • Mary Ann Gay

    I stopped using it for awhile but now I am back. What a difference highly recommend it to everyone.

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