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Is Red Wine Extract the Secret to the French Paradox? 🍷

Is Red Wine Extract the Secret to the French Paradox? 🍷

Why are French people so healthy?

Walking around Paris, France, you pass by slim model figures and start to wonder what makes them keep their physique? You can easily spot the tourists, simply by their size, and may start to realize you feel out of place here. 

You sit down at a restaurant for lunch, expecting one of those tiny meals you see in modern restaurants in the states. How else could the French stay so skinny? But then, you receive a three-course meal with red wine to drink. You have the main course, cheese, dessert, and alcohol all in one sitting, and now things do not make sense. 

An affinity for fatty foods should lead to coronary heart disease, but that is not true for the French, who regularly consume red wine as a central part of their culture.

What is red wine extract?

Many scientists refer to this phenomenon as the "French Paradox."

A group of scientists set out to uncover the mystery in 2015 and discovered that Vitis vinifera (red-wine grapes) have higher anti-oxidative power when used as red-wine extract than simply grape extract. The use of alcohol in the extraction process heightens the plant's health benefits, while leaving no alcohol behind in the extract. 

At one point or another, we have all been jealous of someone who can seemingly eat whatever they want without ever gaining an ounce. 

Naturally, we want to know what makes these diets healthy, and the simple answer is, consumption of red wine.

The problem with that answer, is that drinking red wine gets you, well, drunk.

If you were to drink enough red wine to get the same benefits you receive from red wine extract, you might see some benefit, but you will also be seeing double. 

How can you unlock Red Wine extract benefits without drinking red wine?

If only we could bottle up the French Paradox to help others gain red wine benefits without the drawbacks? Oh wait, we did do that, in OPCXtra!

The red wine extract in OPCXtra gives you powerful antioxidant effects that help support heart health and fight free radicals alongside the five other powerful OPCs in our proprietary blend. 

Wine lovers the world over love the taste of our OPCXtra with red wine extract.
Check out what this verified buyer said in their review. 

"While I'm only on day two - I can't give a review on how well the product is working. What I will provide a review on is the effortless manner in placing the order online and receiving it within 2 days. It also has a delicious grape/wine taste. Perfect for a wine lover! The bottle gives you clear and concise directions on how to properly take it. I look forward to the results and purchasing more in the future - permitting it goes well. Thank you very much." - Anonymous

Beyond that, our customers see powerful results from removing free radicals in their bodies, thanks to OPCXtra. While every experience is a little different depending on how free radicals are harming your body, here are some OptiLifer's experiences when it comes to OPCs for cardiovascular support: 

"Love it I have been taking OPCXtra for over 4 years. I feel it helps my knees, my blood pressure and my cholesterol!" - Donna
"Love OPCXtra! Have been using these products for several months now and don’t want to miss a day. Just had my blood work done and for the second time, my cholesterol is under control! Thank you for great customer service." - Anonymous 

"Great cholesterol level is down in my blood sugar level is being kept by around normal all of my blood work is just great." - Dale M.

 Discover the amazing antioxidant power of red wine extract when you try a three month supply of OPCXtra today.


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