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Men’s Health and OPCs

Men’s Health and OPCs

June is Men’s Health Month. Celebrated across America, this month focuses on awareness, detection and treatment of male health issues. Men are more likely than women to suffer a heart attack and develop certain cancers. OPCs or oligomeric proanthocyanidin are a group of powerful antioxidant bioflavonoids that can help lower inflammation, promote healthy blood pressure levels, lower oxidation of cholesterol and efficiently scavenge free radicals. OPCs can be beneficial for males to protect their bodies and stay healthy. Here are just a few conditions that can benefit from OPCs:

Sixty to 80 million couples are affected by infertility. Asthenozoospermia or poor sperm motility may play a part in the inability to conceive a child. Possibly caused by genetics, excessive drinking, cigarette-smoking or repeated trauma to the pelvic area, poor sperm motility means that the sperm do not swim properly. Vitamin E and pine bark extract can help. One study found that “200 mg of [pine bark extract] taken daily for ninety days increased the percentage of structurally normal sperm—that is, non-deformed sperm—by an average of 99 percent.” Pine bark extract can be found in our OPCXtra super antioxidant formula (1,2).

Sexual Function
Failing erections are often linked to common medical ailments such as obesity, high cholesterol levels, hypertension, depression, sleep disorders, diabetes and heart disease. When atherosclerosis or plaque build-up in the arties occurs, tiny vessels in the penis start to get clogged. The impact is often seen in the penis first, long before it ever shows up in other arteries of the body (2).

Pine bark extract can improve blood flow. According Richard A. Passwater’s book Live Better, Longer: The Science Behind the Amazing Health Benefits of OPCs, “clinical studies are available to demonstrate that [pine bark extract] is effective in erectile dysfunction. Men who are concerned about erectile dysfunction may want to try supplementing their diet with both OPCs and L-arginine for several weeks” (2).

Additionally, taking red wine extract and grape seed extract daily can improve your blood flow and provide extra protection to your blood vessels. Both extracts contain OPCs and can be found in OPCXtra.

Colon Cancer
The American Cancer Society estimates that 1 in 22 men will develop colorectal cancer. A recent study has found that reservatrol, a nutrient found in certain plants as well as OPCxtra, can suppress colon cancer stem cells. Cancer stem cells are the cells that promote the creation of new cancer cells and tumors. In the study, reservatrol reduced the number of cancer tumors by 50 percent (5).

Reservatrol can be found in purple grapes, red wine, raspberries, blueberries, peanuts, and more.  Reservatrol combined with grape seed extract has been discovered to be an even stronger cancer-fighting remedy. The study found that grape seed extract can increase the potency of reservatrol (5).

Heart Disease
Heart disease is a broad term that may include heart failure, coronary artery disease, arrhythmias, angina, other heart-related infections, irregularities and birth defects. Men are more likely to develop heart disease than women, but OPCs can reduce your risk. Pine bark extract protects against heart disease by “reducing platelet activity, lowering high blood pressure, relaxing artery constrictions, and improving circulation.” Taking 25 to 200 mg of pine bark extract per day can help reduce your cardiovascular risk factors (2,4).

Low Testosterone
Testosterone is a steroid hormone produced in the testes. This hormone is essential for bone support, sexual drive, strength, fertility, muscle mass and more. Testosterone levels typically decrease with age, but there are other factors that can cause hypogonadism (low testosterone) at any age. Causes may include: genetics, testicle injury, mumps, cancer, pituitary disorders, inflammatory diseases, HIV/AIDS, obesity, certain medications and more (6).

The Leydig cells which are located in the testicles are involved in the control and secretion of testosterone. When oxidative stress is reduced, the Leydig cells are able to increase testosterone secretion. Antioxidants which are found in OPCs are the key to reducing oxidative stress (3).

Having a perfect diet or exercise routine is not an easy task, but protecting your body doesn’t have to be time consuming or expensive. Start lowering your risk of male-prone diseases with OPCXtra today!


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