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OPCs 101: Everything You Need to Know About These Powerful Antioxidants

OPCs 101: Everything You Need to Know About These Powerful Antioxidants

Not everyone knows what OPCs are. We weren’t taught about them in biology or chemistry class, there aren’t tons of influencers or fad dieters talking about them, and doctors aren’t even usually educated in what they are, much less encouraging you to take them! 

But here at OptiHealth, we’ve been talking about OPCs (and, more importantly, their benefits to you) for two decades! 

So...what exactly are OPCs? And can they actually help you? 

Read on to find out the answers to all the questions you have about OPCs and your health!

Antioxidants and Free Radicals

Even if you haven’t heard of OPCs, you’ve probably heard about antioxidants. In recent years, the internet has been ablaze with talk of superfoods packed with antioxidants—naturally occurring compounds that fight free radical damage. 

Free radical damage is when unstable electrons in your body start searching for stability, interacting with healthy molecules in your body and causing chaos in your cells. 

Antioxidants, though, can counter the damage caused by free radicals and transform your body, decreasing the odds of countless diseases, including heart conditions, diabetes, and even cancer! 

So...What are OPCs?

Oligomeric Proanthocyanidins (OPCs) are OPCs, or powerful antioxidants found in nature that can battle free radical damage and prevent disease. OPCs are found in grape seeds, pine bark, seeds, legumes, and certain fruits. 

They come from a class of antioxidants called polyphenols, widely known for their vast health benefits. 

What makes OPCs extra special? Three things. 

First, they’re extremely powerful and effective at battling damage caused by free radicals. Second, they magnify each other’s effects, meaning that if you take them together you can strengthen your antioxidant response greatly. Third, they are widely researched and connected to preventing and fighting oxidative damage. 

What Can OPCs Do for Your Body? 

OPCs have been studied and revered for their health benefits since the 1500s! Research has shown that they offer many health benefits. 

For starters, they’re potent antioxidants, 50 times more effective than Vitamin C. 

They have been linked to lower hypertension, improvement in blood pressure, and increased blood flow, all promoting a healthy heart. 

They’ve also been found effective at reducing chronic pain due to fibromyalgia and other illnesses. 

OPCs have even been linked to stronger lung function in patients with COPD. They’ve also been effective in treatment of ADHD!

Can You Get OPCs from Food?

The short answer is yes. Like all antioxidants, you can get OPCs from food. Great sources for OPCs are apples, raw chocolates, berries, raw nuts, and beans. 

Eating a diet rich in fresh fruits, nuts, and legumes provides you with antioxidants, along with many other important vitamins and minerals. 

However, it’s very hard for the average person to consume enough OPCs to offer their body the maximum benefits through diet alone. That’s why so many people have turned to OPC supplements. 

Why OPCXtra?

With OPC supplements like OPCXtra, you can be assured that your body is getting the full effect of OPCs. And, since they magnify each other’s effects, taking a supplement that contains several different OPCs offers you even more benefits!

That’s why OPCXtra contains grape seed extract, bilberry extract, green tea extract, pine bark extract, and red wine extract, along with Vitamins C and E and citrus bioflavonoids. 

Together, they work to provide your body with maximum potential to prevent oxidative stress and free radical damage! 

OPCXtra has provided thousands of happy customers with health benefits, protecting their body from damage and improving their lives. 

And because we are so sure that you can benefit from it too, we offer a 365-day money-back guarantee. That gives you the chance to discover the power of OPCs for your body yourself, at no risk! 

Hear What Our OptiHealth Family Has to Say!

“I am a cynic who usually buys and ends up despising online health posing as 'cure-alls.'! There is excellent orthodox research regarding antioxidants so, not a gimmick or stretch! OPC Xtra is one of the very very few health products my body actually likes!” -Michael

“I love this product!! I have been using this for over 10 years. My every morning go to, feeling energized to start my day.” -Lori

Join the ranks of our happy customers and try OPCXtra for yourself today! 

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