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OPCs for Asthma Support

OPCs for Asthma Support

Are you one of the 1 in 13 people that have asthma?

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) more than 25 million Americans have asthmas.  This is 7.7% of adults and 8.4% of children.  Asthma has been increasing steadily since the early 1980s in all age, sex and racial groups. 

Right now there is no cure for asthma, but it can be managed with proper prevention of asthma attacks and treatment.  More Americans than ever before have asthma and its one of this country's most common and costly conditions. 

Asthma is defined as a lung disease that causes obstruction of the air passages.  It's the result of chronic inflammation, which activates immune cells recruited to the bronchi, which in turn causes swelling and greatly impairs breathing ability.  

Asthmatics experience periods of wheezy breathing and breathlessness with periods of relative or complete freedom from symptoms.  Allergens or irritating things such as: pollen, animal hair, chemical irritants, smoke and dust can trigger asthma symptoms.  Even cold air and exercise can trigger asthmatic episodes. 

So, how can OPCs help?

A few studies with pine bark extract against asthma have been conducted.  In a 2004 study, asthmatic children supplementing with pine bark extract showed a significant reduction of inflammatory mediators that cause the inflammation and bronchi constriction that are commonly associated with asthma. 

Pine park extract also improved pulmonary function (how well the lungs are working) and significantly decreased asthma symptoms AND dramatically lowered the need for people to use their rescue inhalers with albuterol.  

Pine barks antioxidant activity and powerful anti-inflammatory properties work well to sooth the irritation that causes the bronchi to constrict and swell, making breathing difficult.  

In the study breathing improved after only one month and continued with consistent supplementation of pine bark.  The severity of asthmatic symptoms also decreased, as well as the reliance on a rescue inhaler.  

In summary, OPCs free radical scavenging ability and anti-inflammatory capacities make it a great supplement to help with asthma.  Again, this is one of many reasons we packed our OPC formula with not 1 source of OPCs, but SIX! 

Our OPCXtra is packed with 6 powerful plant based sources of OPCs: pine bark extract, red wine extract, grape seed extract, bilberry extract, green tea extract and citrus bioflavonoids.  

Here is what some of our OptiLifer Family has to say about taking OPCXtra for asthma support: 

"My mother and father take it as well for diabetes, asthma and thyroid problems, among other things I can't remember. I could write more but this is a review, not a term paper. We all swear by OPCxtra. Thanks Optihealth for making such a great product." - Andrew V. 

"Great product at a good price. Has kept me from having asthma for years. Fast shipping." - Theresa M. 



"Live Better, Longer.  The Science Behind the Amazing Health Benefits of OPC" by Richard A. Passwater, Ph.D.


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