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OPCs for Supporting Eye Health

OPCs for Supporting Eye Health

The eyes are particularly vulnerable to free-radical damage as they are a source of entry of high-energy ultraviolet energy from the sun and also have minimal blood circulation.  

Worsening vision, dry eyes, glaucoma and cataracts start to become a problem as we age.  The good news is OPCs have been shown to improve visual acuity, reduce cataracts, fight against diabetic retinopathy and suspend the deterioration of retinal function that can lead to blindness. 

Also, pine barks antioxidant power has been shown to help spare the carotenoids lutein and zeaxanthin, which are limited in our diets.  Those carotenoids help protect the eyes macula which reduces the risk of age-related macular degeneration. 

Studies have shown that pine bark extract has improved visual acuity in patients suffering from diabetes, atherosclerosis and other diseases.  Pine bark can improve these conditions because it protects the remaining healthy cells against free radical damage and also seals the microbleedings in the retina that obscure vision.  

Cataracts are associated with aging, and are also caused by free radicals.  Sunlight is the main source of free radicals that damage our eye lens.  Several studies have shown that various antioxidant nutrients reduce the incidence of cataracts. 

Not only has pine bark been shown to help support eye but also there have been about thirty clinical trials studying the possibility that bilberry improves night vision. (WWII fighter pilots swore by it!) 

The OPCs in bilberry help protect the carotenoids in the eye macula and reduce the free radicals in the eye, which we know can cause damage and lead to cataracts and retinopathy.  

In summary, our eyes are directly exposed to strong ultraviolet radiation and require the protection from nature's antioxidants - OPCs!  That's one of MANY reasons we packed our OPCXtra with 6 powerful plant based sources of OPCs: pine bark extract, red wine extract, grape seed extract, bilberry extract, green tea extract and citrus bioflavonoids.  


Here is what our OptiHealth Family has to say about OPCs for Eye Health:

"I have been using this for many years. Great way to start the day - makes my eyes bright and clear." - Karen W. 

"Can’t say enough about it. It’s improved my eyesight, took away my carpal tunnel in the first 3 days. I look and feel younger. I have been taking OPC for over 30 years." - Joann D. 

"This product is remarkable! More energy, improved skin and eyesight and much more." - Pamela R. 

"I have been using OPCXtra for several years now. The areas of health that I think it is helping me in especially is my cholesterol and my eyes. Truly appreciate the free and quick delivery." -Susan D.

Source: "Live Better Longer. The Science Behind the Amazing Health Benefits of OPC" by Richard A. Passwater, Ph.D.


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