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SuperFood Saturday: Pumpkin Seeds

SuperFood Saturday: Pumpkin Seeds

More than just that slimy nuance you have to scoop out when making a jack-o-lantern, pumpkin seeds are just beginning to hit the superfood stage with their hearty nutritional content, containing lots of protein and minerals in just a small serving size. Check out what incorporating pumpkin seeds into your diet can bring to the table:


  • Protein – A one ounce serving of this mellow, nutty seed will give you 5 grams of protein, making it a great on-the-go snack. In addition to protein, pumpkin seeds with their shells can provide plenty of fiber to help with diet and digestion.


  • Magnesium – Pumpkin seeds are a great source of magnesium, a mineral that plays a big role in energy production. Having the right amount of magnesium in your diet will not only help you feel energized throughout the day, but will also help to maintain a healthy heart and blood pressure.


  • Zinc – Zinc helps to regulate the immune system, so the high content of zinc found in pumpkin seeds will help to ward off infections, fatigue and depression.


  • Phytosterols –  Phytosterols, which are sterol compounds found in plants, have a chemical structure that mimics cholesterol. The presence of phytosterols in the body will help to lower cholesterol content in the blood.

The seeds of a pumpkin are large and flat, and sometimes come in a white casing. Roasting the seeds will release them from the shell and can make a quick nutritional snack all by themselves or added to a nut mix.Though they are more versatile than you’d think and can be ground up into a pesto or tossed into a salad. So whether its because you love the unique taste of these seeds or you’re looking for a healthy snack, pumpkin seeds will provide you with an abundant amount of nutrients for their small size.


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