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The Absence of OPCs

The Absence of OPCs
4 min read

One of the most common reviews or comments our Family receives online is:

“I will never stop taking this!”

I mean WOW!  Isn’t that such a powerful statement?

And we’re not talking about a few people here and there, we’re seeing this type of outpouring love for OPCXtra on a daily basis and it brings warmth to our hearts.

With so many OptiLifers making the commitment to OPCXtra you may be curious why exactly OPCs can make such an impact on your health… and why we certainly feel a difference in their absence.

OPCs are a class of plant based super antioxidants which were created by mother nature specifically to balance out and neutralize free radicals and fight free radical damage.

"By the time a free radical chain fizzles out, it may have ripped through vital components of cells like a tornado, causing extensive damage, similar to that caused by ionizing radiation." - Andrew Weil M.D.

Here are some of the most common symptoms of Free Radical Damage:

  1. Accelerated Visible Aging
  2. Joint and Body Aches/Pain/Stiffness
  3. Low Energy and Fatigue
  4. Weakened Immune System Response

On top of that, free radicals and the damage they produce have been studied in connection to over 100+ chronic ailments and diseases and there are sources of free radicals all around us in our every day life.

An increase in Free Radicals can come from:

  • Stress 😡
  • Alcohol 🍸
  • Smoking 🚬
  • Over Exercise 🏃🏻‍♂️
  • Lack of Sleep 💤
  • Poor Diet 🥩 
  • Pollution 🏭
  • Environmental Toxins 🌎
  • Infection 🤢
  • Medication 💊
  • The Sun ☀️
  • Radiation ☢️
  • Bluelight 💻
  • And More...

What that means is that when we have overexposure to these sources our bodies can be thrown out of balance and simply need more antioxidants to get us back to neutral and away from all of the symptoms an excess of free radicals contribute to.

Antioxidants are the ONLY way to neutralize free radicals.

The reason so many OptiLifers fall in love with and committed to OPCXtra is because of its ability to fight off free radicals and bring our bodies back to balance.

Because without enough antioxidants your body will feel a difference.

So how are you feeling?

Best of Health,
💚 The OptiHealth Family 💚



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