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The Number 1 Killer, Cholesterol and How OPCs Can Help

The Number 1 Killer, Cholesterol and How OPCs Can Help

We have an epidemic of cardiovascular degeneration here in the US specifically.  Heart disease is the leading cause of death for men and women in the United States. 

This epidemic of cardiovascular degeneration is brought on by stress, genetic disposition, lifestyle choices (poor diet, smoking, lack of exercise, alcohol etc), high blood pressure, and obesity. 

Our heart and our vascular system are intimately connected.  Our heart muscle cannot function without an adequate vascular system that supports it.  Any obstruction in blood circulation makes the job of the heart tougher because it has to work harder, which can cause blood pressure to rise.  

In both men and women high blood pressure reduces life expectancy because it increases the risk of cardiovascular disease and stroke. 

So can OPCs help in the case of cardiovascular problems that may take a deadly course?  The answer is YES. 

We wrote a blog post earlier this year on the "French Paradox", which in summary shows that the OPCs contained in red wine drastically reduce cardiovascular mortality, even if the persons lifestyle included choices that actually promote cardiovascular degeneration.  

It was Jack Masquelier (the father of OPCs) who discovered the link between OPCs and cholesterol.  Then in 1984, studies conducted that the University of Paris by Dr. J. Wegrowski confirmed that in the presence of OPCs, considerably less cholesterol was deposited into the vascular wall.  Even when excessive amounts of cholesterol existed and penetrated the vascular wall, OPCs were shown to protect the vascular wall against cholesterol deposits.  

For decades we have been told to fear "cholesterol".  However, cholesterol is not a poison but rather a vital substance that is essential for survival.  This is why our bodies produce cholesterol, so that it doesn't only rely on food sources.  

Cholesterol is not soluble in blood, so it is carried in particles called "lipoproteins."  Two important lipoproteins that you have probably heard about are low-density lipoproteins (LDL) and high-density lipoproteins (HDL).  The cholesterol carried by LDL often nicknamed the "bad cholesterol" is carried to the cells from the liver.  The cholesterol carried by HDL is often called the "good cholesterol" as it is being carried away from cells and back to the liver.  

Those cholesterol deposits from only when LDL because damaged by oxidation aka free radicals.  Oxidized LDL can infiltrate the artery wall and cause a series of events that trap that cholesterol containing LDL inside the blood vessel wall. This causes white blood cells to swarm to the site (because they sense something is wrong) and they swell, which eventually turn into the lesions that we call cholesterol deposits. 

LDL gets oxidized only when the amount of antioxidants is is insufficient to protect the LDL against oxidation by the free radicals. Studies show that pine bark extract has been shown to protect LDL, it also recycles vitamin C & vitamin E which protect LDL AND it destroys free radicals before they can reach the LDL and cause damage.

So long story short those cholesterol deposits are dependent on two factors: the amount of LDL in the blood and the balance between the antioxidants and free radicals present.  

Remember, these cholesterol deposits are a major contributing factor to forming the blood clot that can cause a heart attack, because basically they clog up the flow of blood, oxygen and nutrients to the heart.  

In conclusion, there is mounting scientific evidence showing that OPCs - particularly those found in pine bark extract, grape seed extract and red wine extract are protective against cardiovascular disease.  When used in combination they become synergistic, and thus more powerful than when taken individually. 

That's why we pack our OPCXtra with 6 powerful plant based sources of OPCs:  pine bark extract, red wine extract, grape seed extract, bilberry extract, green tea extract and citrus bioflavonoids.  

Here is what some of our OptiLifer Family has to say about taking OPCXtra for cholesterol support: 

"I have been taking OptiHealth for about 9 months and my cholesterol numbers have come down by 40 points! My FP was so impressed, he said to keep taking OH! I am SO excited with the results because I canNOT take medication to reduce my cholesterol (negative side effects). OptiHealth provides ONLY positive results for me! You won’t be sorry!" - Lyndi C. 

"Great cholesterol level is down in my blood sugar level is being kept by around normal all of my blood work is just great" - Dale M.

"I have been taking OPCXtra for over 4 years. I feel it helps my knees, my blood pressure and my cholesterol!" - Donna

"I have been using OPCXtra for several years now. The areas of health that I think it is helping me in especially is my cholesterol and my eyes. Truly appreciate the free and quick delivery." - Susan D. 



"Live Better, Longer.  The Science Behind the Amazing Health Benefits of OPC" by Richard A. Passwater, Ph.D.

"Dr. Jack Masquelier's Mark on Health" by Bert Schwitters 


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