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The Secret to Healthy, Young, and Safe Skin

The Secret to Healthy, Young, and Safe Skin

When is the last time you thought about skin health in terms of what you’re putting in your body? 

It’s easy to worry about skin purely from a vanity standpoint and not think about the bigger picture. But your skin health matters—and not just in terms of looks.

Your skin is responsible for helping regulate your body temperature, prevent dehydration, and keeping dangerous microbes out of your body. 

But if your skin is dry, irritated, or inflamed, it might be a sign that your skin health is suffering. 

Fortunately, you can help your skin health at the source by changing what you put into your body. Read on to find out how to make sure your skin stays in its best condition! 

Skin Health and Free Radicals

If we want to address your skin health, the first thing we need to know is why skin suffers in the first place. What causes dry or lifeless skin, or other unwanted skin changes?

The answer: free radicals. Free radicals are naturally-occurring unstable molecules in the body. When those unstable molecules search for stability, they try to bond with anything and everything, causing chaos in your body and even damaging DNA. 

Free radicals are increased by environmental impacts (like pollution, radiation, and even the air) and lifestyle habits (unhealthy diet, lack of exercise, consumption of alcohol and tobacco, and a lack of sleep). One of the biggest factors causing free radical damage is exposure to UV rays. 

Skin and free radicals form a vicious cycle together. Increased UV exposure leads to more free radicals, which cause skin damage. 

That means UV rays hurt your skin, beyond the ways we usually think of! 

OPCs and Skin Support

So how do we reverse that free radical damage and prevent future damage to our skin (without just hiding out inside forever?)

Nature has the answer for that too! OPCs, or nature’s super-antioxidants, have been shown to reduce oxidative stress caused by too many free radicals and reverse the damage it wreaks on the body. 

OPCs have actually been used as a part of skincare for centuries. But modern science is starting to catch on to OPCs as a secret for healthy skin too! 

OPCs and Sunburn Prevention

Studies have shown that both green tea extract and red wine extract could prevent sunburn, reduce damage from ultraviolet rays, and decrease visible signs of skin damage. 

According to a study published in The Journal of Agricultural Food and Chemistry, the flavonoids in OPCs actually stop the chemical process in the body that damages skin and causes sunburn when exposed to UV rays. 

One study even showed that using green tea extract before sun exposure reduced sunburn cells by 66%! 

OPCs and Skin Cancer

Sunburn isn’t the only concern from UV rays, of course! Skin cancer is the most common form of cancer in America—attacking 20% of the population. 

But OPCs could hold the answer to skin cancer as well. 

A 2011 study showed that not only can green tea extract prevent non-melanoma cancer-causing UV damage, but it could even reverse existing damage, repairing DNA. Red wine extract has also been shown to reverse damage in the skin. 

OPCs and Youthful Skin

OPCs don’t just help with skin damage from the sun, though. They can also prevent and reverse visible signs of aging. 

Grape seed extract promotes collagen synthesis, regenerating youthful skin. Many studies have shown that the flavonoids in grape seed extract have the potential to reverse signs of aging and restore a young, healthy glow to skin. 

Pine bark extract, another OPC, has also been linked to preventing and reversing signs of aging and increased collagen production. 

OPCs and Dry Skin

OPCs could also offer relief for sufferers of frequent dry skin. 

A 2012 study on pine bark extract in postmenopausal women showed that it increased the production of the body’s hyaluronic acid, a natural skin moisturizer in the body. Those that used pine bark extract reported healthier, softer, and more hydrated skin. 

Other OPCs have produced similar results. Grape seed extract has also increased skin elasticity, moisture, and softness in several studies. Red wine extract has been linked to less dry skin.  

Where to Get the OPCs You Need for Skin Health

So how do you take advantage of this growing skin support? Certain foods, like chocolate, grapes, and berries, have OPCs. 

But because OPCs work together to magnify each other’s effects, the best way to support your body is by taking a supplement that contains multiple OPCs. That way, they can make each other stronger and give you the best of each of them! 

OPCXtra contains red wine extract, green tea extract, pine bark extract, and grape seed extract, along with other OPCs and antioxidants. 

It lets you harness the full power of each OPC, letting you reach healthier skin even faster! 

What Our OptiHealth Family is Saying About OPCXtra

“Can’t say enough about it. It has improved my eyesight, cleared up my carpal tunnel and I continually get compliments on how young I look and how great my skin is.

"Started using OPC in my mid-thirties; I’m about to hit 71! I am convinced OPC is the best!" -JoAnn

“I’ve been using OPC daily for nearly 20 years, now. I don’t burn when I work for hours outside under our hot, fierce sun. A couple of times I ran out during the winter months, and noticed that my skin grew more pale during the time I was waiting to get a replacement. A few days after restarting, my skin always began taking on its normal, deeper shade of olive. So, I know for sure that the product is working! I think it’s also greatly slowed down and lessened the appearance of the normal wrinkles of aging. OPC is wonderful. I want to never be without it.” -Jennifer

“I am on month 4 of taking OptiHealth products. I like it so much better than taking a multitude of vitamins and supplements. And I know this is superior quality compared to the drug store supplements. I also take XtraVite and CalX also. At first I didn’t see or feel different. But as it became my morning routine everyday, I began to feel it. Great energy and glowing skin (my friends noticed). I’ll be turning 56 next month and I’m feeling 30 again. I don’t always eat properly, but I feel taking OptiHealth helps safeguard against most illnesses. I would highly recommend this product!” -Susie

Try OPCXtra for Yourself (And Your Skin) Today

OPCXtra is designed to be powerful and work quickly. Our isotonic formula helps your body absorb the ingredients faster and more efficiently. 

We have seen OPCXtra make a difference for hundreds of happy customers, and we know it can for you too! 

In fact, we’re so confident that it can help you that we offer a 365-day money-back guarantee, so you can take the time you need to experience the difference for yourself. 

Try OPCXtra for yourself today! 


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