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The Secret Weapon Behind OPCs—Why These Antioxidants are More Powerful Than Any Other Option

The Secret Weapon Behind OPCs—Why These Antioxidants are More Powerful Than Any Other Option

Long before modern western medicine as we know it, people turned to nature for healing. From herbal teas to plant-based tinctures, civilizations have treated the body and mind naturally for centuries. 

They might not have understood the science the way we do now, but they knew what worked. Now, science, research, and data back up what those older civilizations knew through trial and error—nature offers healing. 

That healing is especially prevalent with OPCs—nature’s most powerful antioxidants. Found in berries, grapes, chocolate, plants, and nuts, OPCs are linked to a wide range of health benefits—immune support; lowered risk of diabetes, heart disease, and stroke; and even cognitive benefits. 

But OPCs aren’t just powerful by themselves. They also have a secret weapon that makes them even more effective. 

Read on to find out the secret to OPCs and what makes them the strongest and most efficient antioxidants around. 

How OPCs Work exactly do OPCs offer so many amazing benefits for the body? The answer lies with free radicals. 

Free radicals are naturally occurring molecules in the body that have one goal—to find stability. With that goal in mind, they interact with other molecules in the body. Sometimes, that isn’t a problem. But if too many free radicals are in the body, they’ll try to interact with anything, damaging the body and leading to oxidative stress. 

Unfortunately, our lifestyles often produce extra free radicals—stress, alcohol, exposure to pollutants, and toxins all increase the number of free radicals.  

Unchecked free radical damage and oxidative stress can cause hypertension, diabetes, stroke, heart disease, and even cancer. 

That’s why antioxidants are all the rage—they are the only way to counter oxidative stress and neutralize free radicals. 

The Secret Behind OPCs

When we talk about antioxidants and superfoods, vitamins draw a lot of the focus (especially Vitamin C and Vitamin E). 

But OPCs are much more powerful at battling free radicals (20 times more effective than Vitamin C). 

Most importantly, though, is the secret weapon of OPCs—their synergistic effect. 

OPCs not only provide their individual benefits, but they magnify each other’s effects, along with the effects of other antioxidants. 

The evidence of this synergistic effect starts all the way back in the 1500s, when French explorer Jacques Cartier treated his sailors’ scurvy with pine bark extract. Pine bark extract often contains traces of Vitamin C, but it also contains pycnogenol—the bioflavonoid that gives it its strength. The extract amplified the effect of what little Vitamin C the sailors got, helping them overcome scurvy. 

Each OPC brings something special to the table—from the anti-inflammatory pine bark extract, to red wine extract that offers cardiovascular benefits, to grape seed extract which supports healthy skin and blood flow, to green tea extract which could protect against cancer and acts as a natural antidepressant. 

But when combined together, they are even stronger than they are apart, strengthening each other in perfect synergy. 

Let OPCs Strengthen Each Other

That’s why it’s so important to take an OPC supplement that contains multiple antioxidants. It’s far more powerful than taking the supplements separately. 

It’s also why we created OPCXtra—to offer you the best of each powerful OPC, while allowing them to magnify each other and deliver an even stronger and more effective dose to you. 

Our happy customers have experienced immune system, liver, heart, skin, and chronic pain improvement from OPCXtra, reaping the benefits of the secret synergistic effect of OPCs. 

What Our OptiHealth Family is Saying About OPCXtra

“I feel stronger & healthier everyday. I have been taking OPCXtra for 1 year and half and feel Great! It has relieved my arthritis and other joint pain. I will never stop taking OPCXtra. Thanks Gigi for all your help.You are the Best!” -Melinda

“Actually Works. I started using OPCXTRA in 2008. My fibromyalgia was so bad that my pains were unbearable. After using it for the first couple of months I nearly gave up, but after the third month I began to have a lot of relief. Eventually I was pain-free. After several years I went off of it but six months later my stabbing pains were coming back so I started up again.” -Nathan

“Have been using this product for many years. First thing I do to start my day.I believe the benefits are too many to mention......just to say overall health has been great and no colds or flu to speak just icing on the cake. Also the staff are great folks to deal with...kinda like family!” -Steve

Experience the Difference—Guaranteed 

We’ve been researching OPCs and bringing you the best they have to offer for 20 years. OPCXtra is designed to be the most powerful antioxidant solution on the market—offering the synergistic OPC secret weapon in an easy to process, isotonic form! 

We’re so confident in the science behind our product that we offer a 365-day money-back guarantee—so you can take your time to discover the difference for yourself. 

Try OPCXtra today and see what the synergy of OPCs can do for you!   

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