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What You Need to Know About Red Wine Extract

What You Need to Know About Red Wine Extract

What is it and how is it different from grape seed extract?

We all know that wine is made from grapes so you may be wondering, what’s the difference between grape seed extract and red wine extract and their medicinal properties? The main differences between the two extracts come from the exact parts of the grape they are derived from and how the extract is obtained. Grape seed extract obviously comes from the seeds of the grape and is typically extracted by heating and pressing of the seeds to remove oil. The solid that remains is then ground and incorporated into medicinal compounds. Red wine extract is obtained after the fermentation process of grapes has been completed. This means that the extract contains the nutrients from the skin and flesh (and possibly seeds depending on the grape type) of the grape that have been fermented. The alcohol is removed from the wine and the extract is ready for medicinal use.


Resveratrol and Red Wine Extract

The other main difference between the two extracts is their antioxidant content. Red wine extract is one of the highest concentrated sources of the antioxidant Resveratrol found in nature. Though there are many other polyphenols and anthocyanins that act as antioxidants in red wine, Resveratrol is the most abundant by far. Red wine extract is unique in its production of Resveratrol because of the conditions this compound needs in order to be produced. Plants naturally produce Resveratrol when under attack by outside pathogens, and the production is usually localized to the skin or outer coating of the plant. When grapes are being fermented into wine, Resveratrol production increases dramatically, allowing us to harvest this powerful antioxidant during red wine extraction.


How can Red Wine Extract help?

Resveratrol, the main active component of red wine extract, has been the most studied antioxidant by scientists has been shown to have many therapeutic applications. This powerful antioxidant has been used in clinical trials to treat Alzheimer’s Disease, and Multiple Sclerosis, and many over the counter products utilize Resveratrol in anti-aging cosmetic compounds. Many large pharmaceutical companies have synthetically produced Resveratrol under various names, but the most naturally concentrated form is found in red wine extract. So don’t be fooled, it would take about 41 glasses of red wine to equal the amount of Resveratrol you could get from 20 mg of red wine extract.

In addition to the antioxidant Resveratrol, the anthocyanins found in red wine extract not only give the grape its purple color, but have also shown to reduce inflammation and help with diabetes management.


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