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What You Need to Know: OPCs, Antioxidants & Free Radical Damage

What You Need to Know: OPCs, Antioxidants & Free Radical Damage

In recent years, the health and wellness industry has taken off. People are more concerned than ever about what they’re putting in their bodies, how their bodies are functioning, and how to keep their bodies from prematurely aging or running into unnecessary damage. 

With the rise of interest in wellness, more people than ever have turned to antioxidants for answers. Most of us have some vague idea that antioxidants are good for us. We’ve read that they are “superfoods” and we know that they are possibly linked to better health, cancer prevention, and more. 

But what exactly are antioxidants battling against? The answer is free radical damage. 

What is Free Radical Damage?

“Free radicals” is another term that gets tossed around often but rarely actually explained. Let’s sum it up (without going into a full chemistry lesson). Atoms seek to have a specific number of electrons in their outer shells. 

If they have more or less than that number, then they are “free radicals,” meaning they will try to pair with other atoms in order to become stable. 

As free radicals try to bond with other atoms, they can trigger chain reactions. That’s known as oxidation. 

Oxidation isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but if left unchecked, it can cause damage to DNA, fatty tissue, and proteins. When oxidation isn’t kept in balance, it puts your body in oxidative stress. 

That leads to diseases such as high blood pressure, heart disease, diabetes, inflammation, and even cancer. 

How Do You Prevent Free Radicals?

Free radicals are naturally occurring in your body. They aren’t inherently bad—as long as they’re kept in balance with antioxidants (your body’s way to fight free radicals). 

But lifestyle and diet choices can lead to too many free radicals in your body. That’s where oxidative stress and free radical damage come into play. 

Factors that increase free radicals include smoking, alcohol, exposure to pollution or radiation, and a diet high in fats and sugars. 

So if we want to reduce our exposure to free radicals, then lifestyle changes are in order. But the truth is, you can’t prevent all free radical exposure. 

What you can do is provide antioxidants to counter free radicals and prevent damage.  

Antioxidants and Boosting Your Body’s Defense

So, how do you make sure you’re getting enough antioxidants to counter free radical damage? 

Part of it comes from your diet. Superfoods like blueberries, strawberries, kale, pecans, and dark chocolate are great ways to increase your antioxidants and help your body fight off free radicals. 

However, it’s tough to get enough antioxidants from diet alone, especially when there are so many free radical increasers in our environment (like air quality and exposure to chemicals, which can be tough to prevent). 

That’s why supplementing your diet with antioxidants is important! 

What About OPCs?

OPCs are super-antioxidants that can help your body fight and prevent free radical damage. They actually work together to compound each other’s effects and strengthen your body’s response even more!

These super-antioxidants include pine bark extract, grape seed extract, green tea extract, red wine extract, bilberry extract, and citrus bioflavonoids. 

You can get these in your diet in small amounts, but very few people manage to achieve the levels they need to truly counteract free radical damage. 

That’s why we created OPCXtra—our combination of those six OPC sources, along with other antioxidants like Vitamin C and Vitamin E. All of the ingredients work together to strengthen the effects and give your body what it needs to fight free radical damage once and for all!

And because we understand the science behind OPCs and free radical damage, and we know that some people might see effects faster than others, we offer a 365-day money-back guarantee, so you can give your body adequate time to adjust at no risk! 

What The OptiHealth Family Is Saying About OPCXtra

"Having used both of these products for the past 2 years has kept me way more healthier and I have been able to avoid any time off from my job due to being sick." - David A.

"I’ve used these products for over 15 years and will take them for as long they sell them. I will be 60 years young this year and can work a 12 hour day with energy to spare! It makes me feel great, and I love it!!!" - Shelia G.


"Taking for long time. Never disappoints." - Nataly L.

It’s not too late to fight off your body’s free radical damage, preventing risk of disease and increasing your quality of life. Shop OPCXtra today, take advantage of our 365-day guarantee, and experience the difference for yourself! 


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