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Why Our Bodies Need Support as We Age (And What You Can Do About It)

Why Our Bodies Need Support as We Age (And What You Can Do About It)

Why Our Bodies Need Support as We Age (And What You Can Do About It)

We’ve all felt our bodies change as we get older. Back pain, knee pain, and a lower immune system seem to come with the territory of getting older. 

But why is that the case? Why do our bodies seem to need more health support as we age? 

One of the reasons is that free radical damage has built up in our bodies over time. As we get older, that damage starts to wreak havoc, increasing the chances of diabetes, heart disease, cancer, and more! 

Fortunately, there is a powerful tool you can use to battle free radical damage as you age and protect your body with antioxidant response—OPCs!  

OPCs and Aging

One of the most important things that we can do for our bodies as we get older is fight off free radical damage with antioxidants. 

OPCs, nature’s super-antioxidants, help support you as you age in two ways: 

They battle free radical damage and oxidative stress that lead to increased risk of several diseases and conditions as you age. OPCs also provide anti-aging benefits that keep your body and mind stronger, healthier, and more youthful. 

A 2012 study showed that taking pine bark extract daily for six months greatly reduced visible age spots, leaving skin more youthful and glowing. 

Another study in 2019 confirmed those results but took them further; daily use of pine bark extract was linked to increased memory and mental function, increased mobility, and decreased problems associated with aging (including urinary problems and erectile dysfunction.) 

Other OPCs have shown similar effects. According to a study held by researchers at Harvard Medical School, red wine extract decreases risk of age-related diseases and stimulates enzymes that battle the aging process. 

Green tea extract has also been linked to healthier skin and less visible aging, especially when taken with Vitamins C and E. 

The science continually suggests that when it comes to anti-aging, OPCs offer the key. 

The Importance of a Daily Routine

While OPCs can be a vital part of keeping you healthy as you age, it’s also important to remember that they are just one part of a valuable daily routine. 

Human beings thrive off of routine, and that’s never more true than as we age. 

It’s vital to establish a healthy daily routine, including regular exercise, consistent sleep patterns, and steady mealtimes. Regular routines provide better sleep, lower stress levels, and better overall health. 

And, of course, start your daily routine right with a morning dose of OPCXtra to protect your body as you age! 

Daily Vitamins, OPCs, and XtraVite

There’s a reason why so many vitamin companies create special vitamins targeted toward people over 50. As we age, it’s more important than ever to make sure that we are getting all the vitamins we need!

But there are plenty of vitamins out there that won’t give you what you actually need. Many vitamins never properly absorb, leaving your body in crucial need. 

That’s why, in addition to your daily dose of OPCXtra to boost your antioxidant response and fight free radical damage, we also recommend XtraVite.

XtraVite is isotonic, making it easier for your body to absorb and use every important vitamin. 

Instead of taking several different vitamins that aren’t even giving you what you need, you can take one dose of XtraVite each morning to provide you with all of your essential daily vitamins, supplementing your diet and making sure your body is ready to go! 

All of our products come with a 365 no-risk money-back guarantee, so you can take the time to make sure they work for your body! You can join the ranks of our happy customers, without any risk.

What Customers are Saying

About OPCXtra:

“Wouldn’t be without it! I’ve been using OPC daily for nearly 20 years, now. I don’t burn when I work for hours outside under our hot, fierce sun. A couple of times I ran out during the winter months, and noticed that my skin grew more pale during the time I was waiting to get a replacement. A few days after restarting, my skin always began taking on its normal, deeper shade of olive. So, I know for sure that the product is working! I think it’s also greatly slowed down and lessened the appearance of the normal wrinkles of aging. OPC is wonderful. I want to never be without it.” -Jennifer

About OPCXtra and XtraVite:

“I’ve been enjoying the benefits of OPCXtra and XtraVite for about 5 months. Using two daily scoops of OPCXtra works beautifully in taking away the pain of arthritis in my joints, as well as much improvement with stiffness. I’ll be turning 70 soon and plan on using it for another 20+ years!” -Peggy

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