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Do I Really Need A Multivitamin? 🧐

Do I Really Need A Multivitamin? 🧐

When you start taking a closer look at your health, one of the first questions that might come up is “Do I REALLY need a multivitamin?”

It’s easy to assume the answer is no, especially if you eat a healthy diet and you exercise regularly. 

But the answer might not be as clear cut as just “eat right.” Even if you think you’re getting everything your body needs, you might not be. 

In fact, according to the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, 46% of adults have a poor quality diet and aren’t getting the nutrients they need. It doesn’t help that the information out there is mixed about what you should (and shouldn’t eat). 

All of that confusion makes the idea of a multivitamin all the more appealing! Read on to find out why you should take a multivitamin, and how to know which one to choose! 

You (Probably) Need a Multivitamin: Here’s Why

Even if you’re fully confident that you’re in the 54% of Americans with a quality diet, the truth is that you probably do need a multivitamin, for several reasons!

How many times have you skipped breakfast or grabbed fast food as a last resort? It’s ok, we’ve all been there!

But each skipped meal, each on-the-go splurge, each time you slack off on your diet just a little bit leaves you vulnerable to not getting the essential nutrients you need each day. A multivitamin is the padding you need to make sure that you’re filling in those gaps. 

On that note, gaps can happen no matter how regimented you are about your diet. Some essential vitamins and minerals, like iodine, Vitamin D, and magnesium are difficult to get in your daily diet. 

They come from sources like cooked sockeye salmon, pasture-raised eggs, and nuts and seeds. Most of us just aren’t getting enough of those essential nutrients from our daily food intake. 

If we have specialized diets, getting everything we need becomes even more difficult. For example, a plant-based diet can be a healthy option that lowers your risk of heart disease and high cholesterol. But it also leaves you at risk of not getting enough Vitamin B12, which doesn’t come from plants. 

The bottom line is even if you think you’re eating a healthy, balanced diet, you more than likely have gaps—you’re missing some essential nutrients. 

What can you do about it? You have two choices. Start calculating everything you eat (and be prepared to do a lot of math and reading labels), or supplement with a quality multivitamin so you can fill in the gaps! 

Do Multivitamins Even Give You Enough Nutrients?

Many people are hesitant to take a multivitamin because they’ve heard that it’s impossible to get a good amount of nutrients from them. In recent years, multivitamins have gotten a bad rap, and with good reason. 

Here’s the deal—multivitamins aren’t all great. Traditional multivitamins in pill form take up to 30 minutes to dissolve in your body. Even then, your body has to fight to absorb the nutrients, usually leaving you with less than 10% of whatever the pills contain. 

At 10%, multivitamins definitely aren’t worth it. That’s why our multivitamin, XtraVite, is isotonic.

Isotonic vitamins come in liquid form. Because they have the same solute concentration as the fluids in your body, it’s easier to absorb a higher percentage of the nutrients. 

That means you get more nutrients faster with an isotonic option. 

Combining with OPCXtra

We want our multivitamins to be a boost, not an inconvenience. Nobody wants to take a handful of pills at various times throughout the day. 

XtraVite is not only a once-a-day, easy-to-use isotonic liquid vitamin, but to make things even easier, you can mix it with OPCXtra. 

You can get the benefits of both products within 30 seconds, and let your body do the rest! 

Like all of our products, we offer a 365-day money-back guarantee on XtraVite—our family’s promise to you that you’ll love our products or your money back! 

What Our Optihealth Family Says about XtraVite

“Great tasting multivitamin. Glad I can just take one dose and not have to worry about taking multiple pills.” -Wayne

“Amazing product! I absolutely love the vitamins! Taking daily really does help with my energy levels!” -Linda

“I prefer isotonic multivitamins as I know I’m absorbing so much more than with tablets or capsules. I have used it for years when my doctor suggested I try isotonic supplements. I have recommended to others.” -Shirley

Shop XtraVite today and fill the gaps in your daily diet! 

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